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Christmas Tree Farm

Open 12/16 & 12/17 from 10am - 6pm for our final weekend.



2023 opening day for Christmas trees is Saturday, November 18th.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 2pm - 6pm,

Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm

Closed Thanksgiving

Black Friday: 10am - 6pm


Country Store & Playground WEEKENDS ONLY

Playground included with tree purchase

Wristbands can be purchased for $8 per person without a tree purchase

Cut-Your-Own $10 & up per foot.

If its over 10 feet, its $12 foot


Pre-Cut Fraser firs from North Carolina are $15 & up per foot depending on size. The taller the tree, the more per foot. (Available Starting Sun 11/19)


Canadian Balsams, Colorado Blue Spruce & Douglass Firs will be priced when they arrive 

(hopefully by Nov 22)

Cut-Your-Own info:

You will receive a saw at the entrance for cut your own. Park along tree lines, do not block roads for other customers. All trees available are priced with a tag, please do not cut trees without a tag. Cut your tree low at the ground to assure plenty of room to place in tree stand. Bring your cut tree to the pavilion for assistance from our staff. We will net your tree, drill a hole in the tree for the stands that require it and tie your tree on at no cost. Payment will also be received at the pavilion at white stand. Bring the bottom portion of your ticket to the stand. After payment, you will also need this portion of your ticket to exit the property with your tree. Trees available to cut this year are Leyland Cypress, Carolina sapphire and Virginia Pines. There are a limited number of Virginia Pines available, under 9 feet tall. 


Pre-Cut Fraser Firs info:

All pre-cuts are at the pavilion. Park by the pavilion and walk in to find our #1 quality Frasier firs. Staff will be under the pavilion to assist with removing tree from stand, netting tree, drilling hole for stands and tying on car if needed (once again those services are at no cost). Payment is received at white stand in pavilion. Payment will also be received at the pavilion at white stand. Bring the bottom portion of your ticket to the stand. After payment, you will also need this portion of your ticket to exit the property with your tree.


Fresh made wreaths are available after November 20th. They are $35-$50, special requests may cost more. Pre-orders are available. Please message us on FB or contact Chrissy at 770-880-8846, ext 2 and email

Frequently asked questions:

We take cards & Apple Pay for tree purchases. We do not take CashApp or Checks. Admission to the farm is CASH ONLY. Admission is only required if you are not buying a tree. 

Is there admission to the farm? 
No, we do not charge admission for tree season if you are purchasing a tree.
If you purchase a tree it’s no charge to visit the farm animals & playground. You will receive wrist bands at white stand under pavilion after tree purchase. If you want to come play on weekends without purchasing a tree it’s $8 per person. FARM ADMISSION IS CASH ONLY. WE TAKE CARDS FOR TREE PURCHASES. 

Do we need to bring a saw or chain saw? 
No, we provide a hand saw. Chain saws are not permitted to be used per insurance reasons. 
Is there someone who cuts the tree for you? 
No, we do not have designated staff to help cut your tree. But if you require help cutting a tree down please ask one of our staff at the pavilion for assistance. 
What does the tree need when you get it home? 
Water, water and water!!! It’s always recommended to give your tree a fresh cut when you arrive home before placing it in the stand. The reason why is because sap can harden even on your ride home and the tree will no longer be able to soak up water. Never place your tree near a heat source; this includes the sun, a fire place used often, heating vent or heater. 
Will my tree last till Christmas? 
Yes, if you water it and never let the stand go dry. We do not recommend cutting a Carolina Sapphire before Thanksgiving if you want it to last until Christmas. We suggest putting the tree in a bucket of water outside for 3-4 days before you bring it in.  Once again if the bottom of the tree gets dry for longer then 30 minutes and sap hardens on the bottom this will prevent your tree from soaking up water. 
If you have any other questions please call 770-880-8846,email us at or message us on fb.


General info:

The farm store and playground are open when we are open selling trees.
If you purchase a tree you can visit our playground for free. Wrist bands will be given at white stand after purchase. If you would like to visit our playground without purchasing a tree it’s $8 per person(children under 2 are free), purchase your wrist bands at entrance or white stand at pavilion. FARM ADMISSION IS CASH ONLY. WE TAKE CARDS FOR TREE PURCHASES
Wagon rides do not operate during tree season because cars are parked all along the tree line which prevents room for the wagon ride to fit through. 
Country store is open Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm. Black Friday 10am-6pm. We will have lots of treats to purchase like hot cider and hot cocoa. Jams, jellies, salsa and larger size ciders for sale. 
Farm animal feed is sold near the animals for $2 per cup. ANIMAL FEED IS CASH ONLY



If you come to the farm to just take photos please book those ahead of time on our website before November 24th. We do not allow photographers to use the tree field after that date due to customers trying to cut trees. If you are purchasing a tree, you are welcome to take as many pictures as you would like while here. 

Not required but recommended, to please tip tree staff that assist with tree tying, netting and etc.

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