Sleepy Hollow Farm 
Since 1980

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Photography Rules on the Farm

For your safety and for the protection of our land, farm animals and crops, we ask that you read all the rules and guidelines listed below.  Please observe and follow ALL notices and signs. It is the photographer's responsibility to make sure all clients are also following these rules. Owners of Sleepy Hollow Farm reserve the right to remove the photographer and/or their clients from the farm for not following the rules listed below. 

1. The 3rd party booking link provided on our website should be used to book your spot on the farm. If you have any additional questions, please message us through facebook or email us. In years past we've spent hours upon hours speaking to photographers, scheduling and rescheduling their slots on the farm. Due to the time this takes away from our business & families, all booking must be made online.  The fee is $12.50 per 30 min. Fees must be paid upfront & can be changed to a different date due to weather but cannot be refunded.  You must check into the farm upon arrival (near the red shop behind the barn) and check out when leaving. The time frame booked must include your set up & break down time since other photographers will need access the same space at their scheduled times. 

2. Absolutely NO THROWING of fruit, vegetables, rocks, sticks, etc.

3. We love well-behaved, socialized dogs, but please make sure to keep them on leashes and pick up after them. We reserve the right to ask any poorly behaved dog &/or owner to leave at any time. 

4. NO organized, unreserved group picnics are allowed on the farm.  Organized parties and picnics are for the reserved party area only.  We have the right to ask any persons involved in this type of gathering to hold their reunion outside of the farm area. For information on our reserved sites, please visit our website or send us an email at [email protected]

5. Please do not bring food from home for the farm animals. They are on a strict, nutritional diet.

6. To make this a fun & educational experience for all, we ask that you please watch your children. Do not allow children to pet animals without adult supervision. Although our animals are very nice, they are still animals and are unpredictable. Please read and obey all signs as they are intended for the safety of all. 

7. Please be careful when walking in our fields.  Our crops are fragile and need to be treated with respect. Do not lift pumpkins and do not remove pumpkins from vines without staff approval.  Do not remove stakes from the baby trees. Do not allow children to remove stakes.

8. DO NOT open any farm gates.

9. Do not block any roads with your vehicles or props. 

10. Use CAUTION when parking near/around the Christmas Trees. If your vehicles or props crush a tree you will have to pay the retail price of the tree, typically around $50. Please remember that these trees are our future on the farm and if you crush a tree, that's one less tree we sell 4 years from now. 

11. Please be aware and keep well away from tractors and farm machinery while in use. 

We are a working farm and our machines are active continuously throughout the day. 

12. NO unauthorized vehicles are allowed in the fields. You may pull off to the side of fields but do not attempt to drive between the Christmas Trees.

13. For your safety and for dust control we have posted a 5-10 MPH Speed Limit throughout our farm.  Please observe this as you enter and exit the farm.

14. Please be kind and courteous to your fellow visitors and members of our team.  

Please listen to the members of our staff and know that they are working very hard to make sure your time at the farm is a memorable one.

15. Similarly, show each other respect. There are a lot of photographers that use our farm and there isn't any reason to be rude to one another.  Be courteous of other's space & props. Do not set up in the background of another photographer. Do not walk in front of a photographer during their session. Keep noise to a minimum (no cow bells or the like to get your own clients attention during a session). Just use good judgment and we will be able to keep the farm open for photographer use. 


**Have FUN!!!**