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West Atlanta Pumpkin Patch opening Sept 26th!

Posted by [email protected] on September 22, 2015 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (1)

It feels like just yesterday we were saying that we had 6 more months until opening day for our fall season. We've been working really hard to make your visit a memorable one!  We've built new animals pens, added parking spaces, put in a well for irrigation, built a pavilion for parties, expanded our corn maze and grew our own pumpkins. I think that last one is the one we are currently the most proud of as opening weekend quickly approaches. There are now many farms in the Atlanta area that grow their own pumpkin patch. 

Our pumpkin patch consists of 9 rows, each 100 ft long.  We were nervous when we decided to grow our own pumpkins because we've heard that its so hard. As a farmer, you are strictly dependant on the weather and everything is trial and error. We told ourselves that if we just get a handful of pumpkins we will call it a success! We planted the first row of pumpkins on July 1st and it took us a few weeks to get all 9 rows planted because of weather & other obstacles holding us back. Once they were in the ground, we waited....and irrigated because while it seemed everyone else in Atlanta was getting rain, our poor little pumpkin patch needed water from the well! 

Over the next several weeks we began to see so much progress. The bees came and polinated, we sprayed with an organic herbicide and we smushed some grub worms along the way. SInce we planted the larges pumpkins first (Big Max), they were the first to come in. We were so excited about their progress. I remember the first time I saw one of the lare orange pumpkins larger than a watermelon. I squealed with excitement and teared up! Weeks of hard work finally paid off and our very own West Atlanta pumpkin patch was thriving! 

We've harvested over 250 Big Max pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. Many of them weighing over 50 pounds.  Our carving pumpkins are still coming in & are doing well. We've harvested over 125 pie/carving pumpkins. Some of them have the coolest stems I've ever seen on a pumpkin. We can't wait to see families and friends enjoying our pumpkin patch in just 3 days!